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Our accommodations in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are ready for your arrival, offering all the comforts and delightful experiences for you to fully enjoy relaxation. Make the most of your time in Gran Canaria!


Bed and Chic

Santa Catalina

Hotel Bed and Chic

Finding the right stay shouldn't be a challenge

Your stay at Tusity: comfortable and pleasant from the very beginning. In our hotels and apartments in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you will have all the furnishings and services to make you feel at home.

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Awesome Location

Close to the harbor, the urban beach of Las Canteras, and all sorts of shops and tourist attractions.

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Fully Equipped

Fully equipped kitchen with utensils, appliances, and a washing machine. Private bathroom.

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Remote Work Friendly

Enjoy super-fast WiFi in your accommodation, workspace, and meeting room.

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Smart Stays

Check-in and check-out online. Unlock your accommodation with your smartphone.

Stay with us as long as you want

Short Stay

Planning a getaway or a few weeks of travel? Our hotels and apartments are close to Las Canteras urban beach. Enjoy the best location!

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Las Canteras beach

An exceptional location

Explore the city on foot. Experience the gentle climate of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as you stroll along Las Canteras or Santa Catalina Park, and discover the local cuisine at Mercado del Puerto.

5 min

Las Canteras

Bathe in Europe's finest urban beach and enjoy bars and restaurants with sea views.

7 min

Santa Catalina

Discover its museums and cafés, and travel to the rest of the city from the bus station.

25 min by car


Accommodations 30 kilometers from Gran Canaria Airport. Transfer service available.

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